Best ecommerce plugins for WordPress

Ivory Search WordPress Search Plugin

When customers are looking to shop quickly, keywords are the most effective method for singling out a specific product or service. Ivory Search allows you to create custom search forms that can be configured individually for different content on your site. You can even exclude specific content from your search results.

For users who have an international customer base, the plugin is also multilingual so you can serve people from all over the globe.



Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most widely popular WordPress plugins around. Yoast is a powerful tool that can help you make your site as search engine-friendly as possible. Yoast makes it easy for you to do things like control titles and meta descriptions, set your targeted keywords and track how often you’re using them, manage sitemaps, and so much more.


WP Instagram Widget

WP Instagram Widget is a very easy to use plugin for displaying Instagram content on your WordPress website.

The setup procedure for this plugin is very straightforward. There’s no need to authenticate your integration, simply enter the basic details of your Instagram account then choose where to display the widget on your WordPress website.

WP Instagram Widget has been tried and tested on over 200,000 WordPress websites and has a positive average user rating.



When customers are browsing through your site, one of the best ways to identify your items is by creating categories to group your products together. When designing your WooCommerce store, you can create category and subcategory pages to help organize your products. The more specific you are, the better chances you have of obtaining a high SEO ranking to help increase traffic when people are using a search engine.

Another benefit to using the categories feature in WooCommerce is that you provide customers with the chance to shop through your entire site versus just a single page.


WooCommerce Product Addons

One of the most overlooked details a user has when setting up their store is not incorporating product descriptions for customers. WooCommerce Product Addons allows you to personalize each product page of your ecommerce store with dates, prices, and descriptors. This is a plugin to help amplify how your product or digital good is displayed in your ecommerce store by giving detailed product descriptions for visitors.


Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) offers a simple, intuitive plugin for managing and selling digital products on WordPress. EDD has more features focused on digital sales. So, if you’re only selling items like eBooks, PDF files, or audio clips (and nothing physical,) you should consider EDD. One of the reasons for EDD’s success is because the core plugin is free. You install it on your website and immediately have a digital sales platform, with features for discount codes, file access control, and activity tracking.


eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin

Building a product catalog is an excellent way to highlight new items or sales products.

This product catalog plugin can display anywhere on your WordPress site with a customizable product display. You can expect to have high-quality designs with multi-level categories and catalogs for all of your products.


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