Web Hosting Made Secure with Hostiero.com and ImunifyAV

Good news is always worth repeating:

ImunifyAv, The Powerful Malware Scanner now in Hostiero.com for Free.

Keeping web servers safe shouldn’t be a headache or an afterthought. ImunifyAV is the cure for both problems. ImunifyAV automatically scans your websites for malicious files. If it finds any, it’ll tell you all you need to do is to remove them.

There’s no way of being sure a system is free from malware without first scanning it. On a typical hosting server, half to one third of websites are infected. And most infections aren’t detected for 200 days or longer. A full, thorough scan is essential to set a baseline for backup and restore in the event of infection.

  • ImunifyAV detects all kinds of malware in all types of files. It doesn’t matter whether your websites are based on PHP (like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal), or built with classic, static HTML. Our advanced de-obfuscation techniques let it detect malicious code hidden in files using encryption or encoding.


  • ImunifyAV is effective anti-malware protection. It can detect and notify you of many methods of attack: back doors, web shells, viruses, hacker tools, ‘black hat SEO’ scripts, phishing pages, and many others. You can then take action to manually clean infected files and keep your websites safe.


  • ImunifyAV scans and detects viruses on your system. It’s efficient and doesn’t load your system. It validates your domain reputation by checking against blacklist providers.

Security’s too important to leave to human procrastination. Hackers automate many attacks, so malware cleanup must have the same approach.

Keeping a system updated is the most widely cited advice for improving system security. Many breaches are the result of the exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities.


                                      ImunifyAV helps you keep your website free of malware.

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