Things to know before starting a blog

There are a few important concepts you must understand before you start your blog.

Determine the goals of your blog

Think about why you are blogging? Are you promoting a business? Are you attempting to make money via blog monetization? Or is your blog just a place where you express your personal thoughts? It helps to define specific goals for your blog, which may include how much content is posted, how many visitors it will attract each month, and how much revenue will it generate.

It’s not the easiest way to make money.

We all read about bloggers that have made tons of money online just through their blogs. Well, know that reaching that point will take years of work and patience. If you want to start earning quickly, there may be faster ways to do it than starting a blog. Blog for the right reasons, and if earning follows, great.

Decide what the blog will be about

There are millions of blogs out there, and the only way to stand out in the noise is to have a niche and stick to it. With your niche defined, you will be better able to identify who your ideal readers are, and how you should target them. You should write about something you are knowledgeable as well as passionate.

Spend money on advertising      

Bloggers hate the idea of spending money on advertising. But if you look at the latest structure of Google, for example, you’ll notice how much of it is weighted towards ads. Spending a little bit of money promoting your best work can really make a difference. The great thing about advertising on social networks like Facebook is that it’s low cost.

Choose an appropriate blog theme

A blog’s “theme” is its design. Pick a theme that matches the goals of your blog, your intended audience, and the blog’s topic. As mobile search growth rapidly, it’s important to choose a responsive theme that will adjust to any screen size.

Decide how often you will be posting 

To be successful, a blog must have a regular stream of original, useful content. Determine how much time you have for writing blogs each week and how much content you will require beating your competitors.

Content is king!

Good blogs ALWAYS have great content. The content for your blog must be original and valuable for your readers. If you write high-quality content, search engines will pick it up, and it will explode in popularity on social media. Never skimp on content!

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