How to improve your website’s design

Here are so tips which you can use to improve your website’s design:

Use Whitespace

Whitespace is an essential design element that helps you break up the page and increase readability.

Research has shown that the use of white space in the left and right margins, and in between paragraphs, increases reader comprehension by almost 20%. Adding white space means more user interaction, the page looks better.


Choose a Simple Design

Many years ago, web designs were incredibly complex. Today, all that has changed. Clean and flat designs are very much in, and this is what brands are steadily trying to adapt to. Impress your visitors with your products not by how flashy your website looks.



When designing your website, navigation is key, it’s essentially the map that displays the core places users can visit.

When improving your website’s navigation, it’s important to ensure that your visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. If users cannot find what they’re looking for, they have no reason to stay on your site.

Instead, they will certainly bounce and find a competitor that offers a better user experience.

Use Color Theory

You’ll want to pick one dominant color for your whole site and brand, and then add complementary colors to complete the perfect scheme. The standard language for color communication is called Pantone, and everyone who’s at least a little bit in the business of marketing or design knows about it.

Include Social Share Buttons

Do you have a blog on your website? Are there social share buttons on every blog?

Every blog post on your website should feature buttons in the corner allowing readers to easily share your blogs on social media without having to leave your website.

Having social share buttons also has added benefit of reminding users they can share your blog. The more links on social media sending people back to your website the better!

Include a Contact Page

Your contact page is actually one of the most important pages on your entire website.

The contact page is how potential customers can get in touch with you if they have a question that is not answered on your website.

Make sure your contact page is more than just a list of information or a contact form. You should use this page as an opportunity to explain to visitors why they should contact you and how you can help them.

Use High Quality Images

If there’s one thing that can really drag down the quality of a blog post or piece of content, it’s low quality images.

You should take some time to upgrade the quality of the images you do have on your website. Blurry or low-resolution photos can come off as unprofessional and may ruin your chances of gaining a valuable customer.

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