.luxe domain

Starting from $15.40 / year domain registration

What is a .luxe domain?

Ethereum has partnered with .LUXE domain registry to connect DNS and blockchain for the first time to create the backbone of a new type of Internet. Ethereum Name Service eliminated the need to copy and type long hexadecimal addresses to point to assets on blockchain with .ETH. Users will be able to register .LUXE domain names that run on the DNS like traditional domains for website, email, blog, etc. but will also have the ability to point to Ethereum wallets and smart contracts.

Ethereum is the first blockchain technology to be recognized by the domain name governing body ICANN. .LUXE domain is reinventing their mission and taking on a new exciting meaning in the crypto industry with “Let u exchange easily”. Anyone who already has a .ETH will be able to secure the .LUXE equivalent in a Limited Registration Period of the .LUXE domain launch, before it hits general availability.

The technology to connect to Ethereum is still being developed and will be released on our website soon. We are optimistic that the .LUXE integration with .ETH will inspire a new age of possibly for the Internet.